Welcome to the Goble Properties Website!

Goble Properties has come a long ways since the days of running classified ads for old metal buildings. But no doubt we still have a ways to go. This website is a step in the right direction.

Old metal buildings that gave Goble Properties its start.

We’ve had a website for years, but we’ve only just begun to tap its potential. That’s probably true for a lot of Mom & Pop businesses. Small businesses tend to run on relationships more than technology. Those of us who own a small company may not need a cutting edge website to maintain the relationships that are so important to our work, so it is put on the back burner.

Yet a solid website can do a lot for a business in this age.  So we’ve tinkered with this site and made it more streamlined and easier to use. For instance, our listings are going to be online so you can see what is available for rent and all the details about that space.  We have also posted our family business history so you can learn about us.

Plus we are going to post updates, like this one, that share thoughts and ideas about doing business in the 21st Century. Our hope is that this space can become a resource for our tenants and other small businesses. There are vast resources for the Fortune 500 companies, but more often than not that information is useless to a small business. So this place is aiming to fill that niche and provide you with new ideas that might help your business thrive.

The Goble Properties office today

For instance, over the past 60+ years we’ve learned a thing or two about operating a small company and we’ll share those thoughts from time to time.  We would love your feedback about that because we can learn from you too.  Another use of this site will be reviews of books that might help small business owners. Another use of this news page is if we find something in other media outlets that could be helpful to a small business, we’ll repost it here. Or if you have ideas or questions, or know resources that should be shared, let us know and we’ll post it.

In the end, we hope this place becomes like Goble Properties itself: a fun place that does good things because we believe in what we do. If doing that helps our friends and colleagues achieve their goals, then all the better!

Thanks for reading!

Roy Goble and the team at Goble Properties

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