Reworking Small Business

Most business books focus on innovative management styles, which is not very helpful for a small business. Or they emphasize a dozen or so truly innovative Fortune 500 companies that have been successful (Apple, Google, and a few others are the darlings right now). But none of them are relevant to millions of small companies that could never apply the lessons of those giant companies to their little operation. I enjoy both types of business books, but neither really fits what we do at Goble Properties.


And it probably doesn’t fit what you do either. Most business owners have small companies with fewer than 10 employees (Goble Properties has eight). Probably most of those just have one or two. So books about managing your HR Department or creating the next “gee-whiz internet sensation ready to cash out on my IPO” are not relevant. Interesting, but unhelpful.

That is why I love the book “Rework” by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson. It is truly a small treasure in the midst of so many irrelevant business books. This is a short book that gets right to the point. It’s essentially a collection of short blog entries brought together into one binding, and that makes it very simple to read. There’s no deep philosophy here, and no structured academic justification for certain business principles. It’s basically two guys saying, “hey, this worked for us, and it will probably work for you.”

My business philosophy has always been a bit unorthodox, no doubt influenced by my wrecking yard upbringing. I prefer bread/butter opportunities, not flashy stuff. I like keeping things small and never gave in to “bigger is better”. I dislike meetings, strategic plans, outside investors, and 60-hour workweeks. These things may be fine for others, but it’s never worked for me and my worst investments had elements of all those things.

That’s why, for my style, “Rework” gets it. We loved it so much at Goble Properties that it was even the focus of our staff retreat.

If you own or run a business, you’ll enjoy it. If you own or run a small business, you’ll love it. And it will free you up to ignore a lot of advice that the more celebrated (yet less experienced) business “experts” provide. I’ve been in business nearly my whole life, I’ve started a dozen or more endeavors, and I’ve read hundreds of business books. This one is in my top five list for small business owners.


  1. Thanks and I’ll read it. I can’t see where it would help a small construction company like mine so it will probably be the best thing I have ever done. Also FYI, Phyillis is the best property manager we have ever had….period.
    Thank you guy’s.

    • Goble Properties says:

      Greg, thanks for commenting! I agree about Phyllis — she’s great! Hope you enjoy the book. Roy

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