Impacting Your Communities

Our last update about the “Why” of Goble Properties explained the importance of impacting the community. Our main focus is doing this through small business development.  But it doesn’t stop there.

The Goble Foundation is one of the key ways that Goble Properties gives back to the community. We define community on a global basis, so we support organizations that work all over the world. One organization is particularly near and dear to the Goble Properties family: The SOLD Project.

The SOLD Project was co-founded by Rachel Goble, the third generation of the Goble Properties company. Her work in developing countries led her to start an organization that prevented the horror of human trafficking, and specifically the trafficking of children into sex slavery. Rachel’s work is improving the lives of hundreds of children.

You might ask why we are bringing this up. Two reasons. First, we all know the world is increasingly globalized. What happens elsewhere matters to us here. So we cannot define our community the way we once did. If we have the opportunity to make a difference, even in the lives of people we may never see, we need to pursue that opportunity.

Second, because The SOLD Project just released a new short video clip that we think you will love. The Goble Foundation helped sponsor this video, so your business with us was a catalyst to make this happen. We thought you would enjoy seeing how YOU are making a difference, and how The SOLD Project is working to improve our communities.

Thank you for making this happen! Here’s the video:




  1. Phyllis Mongiello says:

    What a beautiful way to spread the word.

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