Goble Lane

I love this picture. Take a close look and you’ll see three wrecking yards, with metal buildings mixed among them. You’ll also see a small mobile home park in the midst of construction (about half the trailers are in place).

This is Goble Lane, in San Jose, circa 1960 or so. My Dad built the metal buildings and eventually owned all three wrecking yards plus the mobile home park. It’s all gone now, of course, torn down for retail spaces and condominiums. But it was the anchor of Goble Properties for a couple of decades.

I spent a lot of time in the building where the arrow points. My Dad bought and sold that wrecking yard several times (always keeping the land and buildings). Lots of stories can be told from that one building alone: the time I discovered a back room filled with illegal fireworks, the evening it burned down, when we shot a tennis ball over the building, and even the story about rats fell from the rafters.

Fun memories. No special lesson or story here … just wanted to post a fun photo that means a lot to our company.