Celebrating Abelardo

It was nearly 20-years ago when Goble Properties acquired Hopyard Village in Pleasanton. Along with the property came the perpetually smiling maintenance man, Abelardo. Always willing to take on any challenge, eager to learn, and ready to break into song when he wasn’t making small talk, Abelardo has been one of our most popular employees.

So when we found out he was just one history test away from becoming a US citizen, we knew we had to throw a party to celebrate. After daily jokes about his knowledge of Bunker Hill or how many justices sit on the Supreme Court, none of us were surprised when Abelardo passed the exam easily. So let the party begin!

Below are a few pictures from the party at the Goble Ranch. Staff, spouses, kids, and dogs enjoyed a catered BBQ and silly games (well, the dogs didn’t, but they really wanted to). It was a fun break from work and a chance to get to know each other in a different context. Plus, as a bonus, Abelardo sang his favorite song for us!

We’re proud of Abelardo and we think you will be too. Next time you see him, be sure to give him a high five (and ask him how long a Senators term is).

From all of us at Goble Properties, congrats Abelardo! Glad to have you as a fellow citizen!

Roy Goble
President and CEO



















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