A Walk Down Memory Lane

One of my earliest work related recollections as a child is sweeping out a metal building on Goble Lane in South San Jose. My Dad purchased the property in the 1950’s to start a wrecking yard, and over the years he had built metal buildings that he leased to small businesses. We sold the property about 15-years ago.

Just recently a colleague sent a picture of Goble Lane as viewed from Communication Hill. The wrecking yard is gone of course, and so is the small trailer park next door. So is the concrete batch plant that always left a fine dust across everything nearby. Today the site is almost entirely houses.

I pulled up Google Earth views from about the time we sold the property, and then today. Below that is the photo my colleague sent.

A few lessons from this walk down memory lane:

  • No surprise here, but housing is in such demand that they even build it on old wrecking yard sites!
  • Though admittedly I don’t sweep warehouse buildings anymore, the foundation of our family business hasn’t changed much.
  • I really regret selling that property!

So a mixed feeling as I compare the past and present. A bit of regret – would love to own that property today! But a feeling of satisfaction that Goble Properties still specializes in serving small businesses. I’m proud of that.

Roy Goble
President and CEO




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